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We all harbor and spread respiratory viruses. Moreover, we are often in the dark when initial infection & transmission occurs. This is something we have seen in recent years: for both influenza and covid, we have a very real problem of asymptomatic spread.

This is why at Leyden Labs, we want to stop infections early on, at the very gate through which they enter. In the case of respiratory viruses: the nasal mucosa.

Our company is developing nasal sprays containing antibodies that target respiratory viruses in the nasal mucosa. These sprays aim to:

  • Stop the initial infection at the gate: which can prevent onward transmission.
  • Protect broadly against existing and new viruses.
  • Provide universal protection, regardless of an individual’s immune history or comorbidities.

With our products, we fight viruses where they fight us, to prepare us for future endemic and pandemic threats.


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our new Approach

Leyden Labs’ mastering mucosal immunity

Our products are built upon a strong scientific platform that is anchored by two pillars: harnessing mucosal immunity and broad protection.

Harnessing mucosal immunity

Our nasal sprays deliver antibodies directly to the nasal mucosa to provide the user with immediate anti-viral protection. Our work is supported by a growing body of evidence suggesting that mucosal delivery of some antibodies can provide more effective protection compared to systemic administration. Once antibodies are at the nasal mucosa, they can efficiently target invading virus particles, and harness our immune systems.

However, the nasal mucosa is a complex environment that has a variety of cell types, biomolecules and other particles that we breathe in on a daily basis. New technologies are helping us optimize the administration of intranasally-delivered antibodies. At Leyden Labs, we are experts on antibody modification for mucosal administration and partner with leading intranasal formulation & device companies.

Enduring broad protection by targeting specific epitopes

Respiratory viruses show high rates of evolution, such that viral proteins continuously acquire new mutations. This can lead to the generation of viral variants that are capable of escaping the immune response induced by prior infection and/or vaccination. Therefore, antiviral therapies that are under development must provide lasting protection to avoid becoming obsolete with the arrival of new viral strains.

This is why we choose to develop active substances that target regions that lend themselves to lasting protection. It allows us to protect against multiple strains and entire virus families, including existing variants – and possibly, new viruses that might arise in the future.

Our inspiration is CR9114 – the most broadly-neutralizing antibody identified to date. The discovery of CR9114 was led by our Chief Scientific Officer Jaap Goudsmit more than 10 years ago.  In a recent article published in Frontiers in Virology, our team dives into the extensive research surrounding CR9114’s unique breadth and mechanisms of protection against influenza A & B.  (Check out more of Leyden Lab’s research outputs on the Publications tab).

Leyden Lab’s product candidates

We are working towards accessible and self-administrable products for autonomous protection. For our lead program PanFlu™, we have an exclusive license to develop and commercialize our lead compound. PanFlu™ is currently being tested in clinical trials.


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our team

We challenge limits

The city of Leiden (The Netherlands) inspired our name. For centuries, Leiden is known for unconventional thinking, the freedom to express this openly and scientific breakthroughs such as the first publications of Galileo’s famous Discorsi.

Our team of energetic, experienced and curious people is ready to go beyond to accomplish our mission. We strive for a fantastic life for all people. We aim for the highest, think unconventionally and focus relentlessly on delivering the impossible. In our team trust, integrity and inclusiveness are a given.

Our team

Meet our fantastic team. Together, we work towards our mission of freeing you from viruses.

Koenraad Wiedhaup Founder and CEO at Leyden Labs

Koenraad Wiedhaup

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jaap Goudsmit Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Leyden Labs

Jaap Goudsmit

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer / Chief Medical Officer

Ronald Brus Founder and Chief Business Officer at Leyden labs

Ronald Brus

Founder and Chief Growth Officer


Marieke van der Lans

Chief Financial Officer


Xavier Maes

General Counsel


Clarissa Koch

VP of Research


Zoltán Magyarics

VP of Development


Mike Shaw

VP of Business Development


Sagrario Arias Rivas

Research Partnerships 


Anna Beukenhorst

Scientific Data


Kristian Bolk



Chris Dachwitz



Ilse Haisma

R&D Operations


Boris Juelg



Ted Kwaks

Early Research


Fergus Manford



Maurice Mannesse



Ian McGuiness

Regulatory Affairs


Stephen Mc Nally



Amanda Motto

Finance & Control


Kerri Pierz

Market Development


Robin Rogiers



Thomas Thunnissen

Procurement en Partnerships


René Verdonk

Program Management

Dennis de Vlaam Head of Operations at Leyden Labs

Dennis de Vlaam

Business Development


Marianne Wooning

Clinical Operations

Our Supervisory Board

Dinko Valerio
Founder and Chair of the Supervisory Board

John Martin (In memoriam)
Former CEO Gilead Sciences

Onno van de Stolpe
Former CEO Galapagos. 

James Shannon
Former CMO GSK and Global Head of Development at Novartis

Richard Whitley
Professor in Pediatrics and Microbiology, Medicine and Neurosurgery at University of Alabama

René Russo
Pharm.D., Chief Executive Officer of Xilio Therapeutics

David Schenkein
General Partner GV

Stephen Knight
President and Managing Partner F-Prime Capital

Eli Casdin
Chief Investment Officer and Founder Casdin Capital

Our investors

We are working together with a strong syndicate of investors and ambassadors. Our investors are GV (formerly Google Ventures), F-Prime Capital, Casdin Capital, Byers Capital / Brook Byers, Softbank Vision Fund 2, Invus and Bluebird Ventures.


our values

join our mission

Become part of our journey

At Leyden Labs, we want to free humanity from the burden of respiratory viruses to let people live life to the fullest. We are moving fast and growing quickly. Are you interested in contributing?


We work closely together with academics, commercial researchers and other commercial parties to further develop our business.

Institutions and Governments

We aim to prepare society for future pandemics and are keen to help governments and institutions do so.


We are open to discussions with interested investors.


We are growing quickly and always looking for the best people to work with.


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