August 3, 2021

Koenraad Wiedhaup (CEO) talks about Leyden Labs on the Business of Biotech podcast

In conversation with Matthew Pillar on the Business of Biotech podcast, our CEO Koenraad Wiedhaup elaborates on Leyden Labs' story. They look back at when Koenraad, together with Jaap Goudsmit, Ronald Brus and Dinko Valerio founded the company. The fantastic expertise and experiences of Leyden Labs' network, investors and partners allows the company to move quickly. Matt and Koenraad also touch on Koenraad's unique, yet very relevant background for biotech start-ups. While many CEOs transition from a scientific career to a biotech start-up, Koenraad builds on extensive business experience from his career at McKinsey, working with many pharmaceutical and biotech clients. 

The podcast also looks ahead at the positioning and use cases for Leyden Labs products. Koenraad explains how vaccines focus on specific viruses, yet Leyden Labs' nasal sprays intend to protect against entire virus families at once. In this way, Leyden Labs aims to be complementary to vaccines and ensure people are not only protected against the viruses already out there, but also against the viruses that are yet to emerge. Similarly, the nasal sprays allow for autonomous administration and provide immediate (temporary) protection whereas vaccines require a professional to administer them and the body to develop an immune response. 




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