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May 19, 2021

Our approach to protect against known and future viruses explained in Scrip

Leyden Labs was covered as Emerging Company Profile by Scrip. In a conversation with Sten Stovall, Koenraad Wiedhaup (Leyden Labs CEO) discussed how our novel intranasal medicine can potentially target viral families to prevent the next pandemic. 

With millions of viruses still harbored in nature, of which hundreds of thousands are ready to spill over and mutate in humans, future pandemics are highly likely. Although today's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic are crucial, they do not prepare the world for future outbreaks. All measures are reactive and either very broad (such as social distancing) or very specific (such as vaccines that typically protect against a single or few virus variants). 

Leyden Labs aims to fill this gap with a proactive approach to pandemic preparedness. We are developing nasal sprays that target commonalities of viruses and virus families. This way, people can protect themselves against the viruses we already know and those that may emerge in the future. 

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